Pokemon Final Red (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: ~SAGE
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 2.3

Pokemon Final Red is another hack of Pokemon FireRed. It is placed in a parallel timeline with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire where Mega Evolution is the most important thing with all Pokemon.

Our Red is trying to evolve his Pokemon in Mega Evolution forms, but for what? Just for nothing like this? Are there any reasons behind these actions? Well, only by playing this game we can have the answers.

At first, the new tiles.
A completely new Kanto that you cannot recognize it from the first looks. Spend more time to explore it thoroughly.
You will have a more difficult game. Yup, if it is so easy then no one will play.
The Shiny Pokemon encounter ratio is higher than usual.
A function called Union Room which will gather your friends together and let you battle each other in an interesting way.
The Wonder Trade function will let you trade your Pokemon freely.
After catching any Pokemon, you will get EXP.
Many inversed battles.
Battle by turns.
The Vs Bar.
More than 721 Pokemon in this game, a big number it is.
There are two new types: Fairy and Sound.
New moves, new abilities, new items.
New evolution items with methods also.
Some exclusive Pokemon.

Run indoor.
Black/White’s Dark Grass and Repel System.
The Achievements will honour you.
The TV-based on RTC.
You can have a new device: iPoke.
New menu in-game.
Day/Night system.
Daily events will give you anything.
The weather will be based on your real-time clock.


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