Pokemon Gaia (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Spherical Ice
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Beta 2.5

Pokemon Gaia – another FireRed hack version has come to you. It is created by Spherical Ice in PokeCommunity. Well, after trying for an amount of time… I must say he is a talent.

Although the origin is FireRed – a popular version for all Pokemon fans, Spherical Ice has added many more interesting points to his product. Let see what we have by playing this game.
Does the name Gaia mean something to you? Yes, Gaia is the Mother Earth in Greek mythology, a goddess. And so, our Pokemon world begins with a legend about gods and guardians.
The Orbus region is a region contains many different stories. And there was a civilization in Orbtus, they created many statues to worship their gods and guardians. After that, the civilization was deleted by many earthquakes. Strangely, their temples and statues still safe. At present, there is a Pokemon professor called Redwood. He has his own concerns about the safety of Orbtus region, he also wants to research more about the lost civilization. He came to Celanto Town, he found two young trainers. Of course one of these two is none other than you, the very player of this game! Can you save the Orbtus region and its lost legend? Well, only you can answer!

What changes are used in this game? What does the author bring to us?
At first, many updates related to Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI of Pokemon series:
Many Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI Pokemon are catchable. A variety number of Pokemon will be added to the PC in PokeCenter.
The new moves are also available with new effects. Some of them are only available in this Pokemon Gaia version, nowhere else.
New items from Gen IV to VI. You can have interesting battle experiences.
New abilities for your Pokemon.
The Mega Evolution is here. Yes, with this newest way of evaluating a Pokemon, you can power up your team to become strong.

You can reuse your TMs as many times as you want. They are infinite.
New types of Pokemon appear. This means the newest type Fairy also get its appearance for the first time, the Steel-type doesn’t scare of Dark-type and Ghost-type.
New sprites for Pokemon and Trainers.
A new kind of contest: Bug-Catching. With this contest, you can catch many kinds of Bug-type Pokemon and get many valuable prizes.
New soundtracks for battling and going everywhere.
Some new updates like running inside houses and buildings.


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