Pokemon Jupiter (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Corvus of the Black Night
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Final 6.04

Pokemon Jupiter is a Pokemon Ruby hack which has been developed since July of 2008. After abandoning it for a long time (because of many reasons), its author – Corvus of the Black Night – has returned and finished making a good hack.

Have you ever thought about the crossover between Golden Sun series and Pokemon series? Well, with Pokemon Jupiter that is possible. Golden Sun is known as one of the best tactical game series, Pokemon is known for the same thing but more challenging in some aspects. With this game, you also have chances to experience and try the journey of Ivan from Golden Sun. No battling with swords, no using magic… just use our well-known device Pokeball to catch or obtain many characters into your party. Have some fun out there, then.


You can use telepathy with your Pokemon. This will be an enhanced version in comparison with the Psychic type of Pokemon.
Some animations for Pokemon have been drawn by the author himself.
More than 65 new songs and a music box to play them.
Many face portraits of different characters.
New instruments.
More than 95 cries of Pokemon.
Your Pokedex is rearranged now.
Some different features can only be noticed when playing this game. Figure it out.
Some dungeons have the design of Golden Sun.


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