Pokemon League of Legends (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: C me
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Completed (02-08-2017)

Pokemon League of Legends: Pokemon games and MOBA (Multi Online Battle Arena) games are… too different, don’t you think so? There is a hack which contains the gameplay styles of Pokemon series and the character of League Of Legends. What, for real?

Yes, it is real. The game I am mentioning here is Pokemon League Of Legends, a hack of Pokemon Emerald.
In this game, you will become a young summoner. You are on the way to explore the history and have many interactions with many characters. You also want to become the Champion and the only way to do that is defeating the Gym Leaders with the evil Noxians. Much later, you go to the World Championships. There is something unusual happening in Valoran, you have to search for it…


You can have all Champions in League Of Legends, up to Taliyah for now. Their sprites are animated like the Pokemon in Emerald.
You can hear the original voices of those Champions, not just cries like normal.
More than 500 specific moves of Champions.
You can access all areas of Valoran.
An immersive storyline.
Many post-games like Fleshing Arena and something else.
Physical/Special Split.
New type Fairy.
The Repel System of Pokemon Black 2/White 2.
Rematch Summoners and Gym Leaders.
You can use items instead of HMs.
New soundtracks.
New tiles.
New battle backgrounds.
New trainer classes.
There are 35 Champion dolls for decorating rooms and secret bases.
You can have a chance to fight many famous League Of Legend players with their teams.
The text speed is Fast by default.


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