Pokemon Life (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Dionen
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.5

Pokemon Life is another hack version made from Pokemon FireRed. Its author is Dionen in PokeCommunity – the famous and wide-known for being a community for all Pokemon fans.

Of course, there will be many changes in comparison with the original title, about story – gameplay – features, etc… Well, let’s just hope that Dionen won’t disappoint us. And now, let’s come to Pokemon Life.There is a story of a young trainer In this game, you are a young trainer and you come from Nendios region. You feel that you can do nothing while the Earth is turning around and the time is flying. Your heart is calling for a change, your soul is craving for not being the same as the others in this world. At this time, suddenly Jiraichi and Hoopa appear. Together, they become a couple and willingly guide – advise – trick you. What will you do? Trust them or not? Can you be more different than you used to be? Answer those questions for yourself, trainers!


Dionen uses sprites and animations from Gen V. You can see this clear right from the start, two characters are trainers in Pokemon Black/White. The music is also coming from those two.
One of the most special points from this game is the number of Pokemon. Well, our author has only selected 150 beings and they were added to this game. They came from all generations up to now.
The Day/Night System is available.
Many enhancements on the interface: IVs on the status screen, trainers on the way you go, etc…
Many side-quests are available to do when you have nothing to do with a game.
Now you can have more chances to catch Shiny Pokemon, that is not impossible anymore.
If you are out of usable Pokemon, your game is over. You cannot respawn in PokeCenter anymore.
There will be some save points on your way. You cannot save freely as you want anymore.


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