Pokemon Lost Three (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Japanese
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Japanese
Version: Beta

Pokemon Lost Three is a modern upgrade to Pokemon Ruby. With many advancements in graphics, soundtracks, mechanics… it is a good hack. This hack takes players to a new region which has never been seen before.

In this region, there is a boy. He has a female friend who grew up together with him since the day they became childhood friends. And when they are teenagers, they are continuing their dreams: become professional and strong Pokemon trainers at first, then aim to the Pokemon Champion title. Of course it is not easy to get this title because there are many things need to be done at the same time: collect Pokemon and train them to become more powerful, meet many different opponents, battle with eight gym leaders and Elite Four to reach the final Champion, prevent the madness of some evil organizations, etc. By knowing these things clearly, our two protagonists decided to do what they want. Follow their adventure and explore a new world of Pokemon!


You can catch Pokemon from all available generations.
There are many new things like new region, new maps, new storyline.
The graphics and scripts are also good since they are completely replaced with the DS-Styled sprites.


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