Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Oscar
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo

Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine is a Pokemon FireRed hack. It tells you the past story of a man. That man is a Pokemon Expert. Long long ago, he had a family – two children – a home. He lived in a peaceful world.

One day, he had to face a violent evil organization whose ambitions are just destroying and killing the innocent people. He stood up and fought against them although the government with their policies were useless at that time because they got a huge income from this organization.
By taking his role, you will meet many brave heroes and join your cause. This is a hack which doesn’t contain any medal, any badge… this hack will tell you the stories like a book.


Physical/Special Split.
New tiles and new sprites.
The stories were highly developed with many side-quests after completing the main game.
When the characters speak, their mugshot appear. This is one new thing in this hack.
The Pokedex was customized with all generations.
The difficulty is high, enough to satisfy all the hard-core fans.
New items, new moves, new abilities.
There is no Cut, Fly, Surf. Our protagonist will use other transportations to move.
No gym, no league.


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