Pokemon Moonlight (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Assassin aerdnA
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Spanish
Version: Demo

Pokemon Moonlight is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby.

The author implements two different stories in this hack: the first one with this name “The Tournament Of The Nine” – the second one with this name “The Seach Of The Pieces.”
With “The Tournament Of The Nine” story, you will take the role of a boy who becomes the heir of VELZ – a big organization in your hometown. By taking this position, everything is not so easy since all the things you must do are: training, training and training. Yup, training every day. Now you are grown up. Your organization has a tradition: when the heir is grown up, that one must take part in a secret tournament to prove the strength and he can have one wish. You are falling in love with your childhood friend, so this is a good chance. You are given a Pokemon first, then you will make it stronger from time to time. This is the place where you begin the journey to get what you wish. Try on.
And the remaining story… Now you are a 16 years-old girl. Someday, you get lost and do not know where to go. You keep wandering until you see a strange artefact, you immediately find out what it is. This artefact can lead you to the unexpected things after that!


New stories, new characters, new plot twists.
Re-designed sprites + music.


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