Pokemon Mystical (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Gary
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta 3 (Completed)

Pokemon Mystical is a Pokemon Hack of Pokemon Ruby in Spanish. It is not easy to play for most players who use English but it is really a nice hack with awesome features. The completed version of it was released. Let’s start your great adventure in Kiuw now!!!

In the large region Kiuw, Professor Oak give you a Pokemon that you like in his lab. You must care and help it level up then gain all medals from Gym Leaders. It will be your best friend on your journey. One of your missions is to stop the battle between Karzai and DEOXYS.


New Completed Gameplay
Some changes in graphics
New Characters, Rivals
New region Kiuw


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