Pokemon Nightmare (FAN GAME)

Pokemon Nightmare

Author: Mark_Awesome
Release Year: 2017
Language: English
Version: Beta 3 (Update v0.04)

The story is same as Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green but with a different twist in a story. There is another dimension added that transferred your character automatically and changes in the dialogues although some of them are the same except I’ve changed the creation of the sentences.


All 721 Pokemon up to Generation 6 with Mega Evolutions.
4 Characters to choose. Red, Leaf, Brendan, and May.
2 Rivals but you can choose only one. Boy or Girl.
Wonder Trade.
Trade Expert.
About 10% Shiny Rate
Free and Non-free Trade System. At the Second floor of chosen Pokemon Center. You can find it at Route 3.
More puzzles. Finding keys, opening doors and putting passwords.
Gym Arena added.
Multi Save Files.
Mystery Gifts.
File Book. Collect some notes for the rewards soon.
X/Y and ORAS audio.
XY Style Exp Share.
Route and City Lights. Still incomplete.
TV Puzzle. I will not put any locations until the full release.
Name Changer. Separates this thing in the Name Rater.

Progress: City – Cerulean City. It will end in the team rocket stealing the Dig.
Gym – Cerulean Gym.



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