Pokemon Rocket Strike (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: AmazingCharizard
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Completed

Pokemon Rocket Strike is a FireRed hack of AmazingCharizard in PokeCommunity. Well, the idea of being a Team Rocket member has always fascinated him. And then, he has this hack as a result of trying so hard to create it.

In this game, you will be a Team Rocket member who also has a big dream about Pokemon. Doesn’t it sound a little bit of weird here since Team Rocket is always the bad guys? No, it doesn’t sound weird. Play this game to figure it out.


More than 380 Pokemon are available for you to catch the Pokemon League.
Some Pokemon have slight evolution changes.
The Kanto region is not the same as it used to be. Instead, a new Kanto was born with many new areas to explore and new challenges.
The sprites come from Pokemon Black/White.
Yoohoo, Pokemon from Gen IV – Gen V are here.
Those Pokemon which required special conditions to evolve will now evolve normally through level up or evolution stones.
Much more humorous dialogues and references to real-life happenings and characters.
After the Pokemon League, your journey is not over yet. There will be more.
The story is changed noticeably.


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