Pokemon Rosso Fuoco Distorto (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Wyschydog
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Italian
Version: Final Completed v32

Pokemon Rosso Fuoco Distorto is a hack by Italian. Well, not only any English-hacker interested in hacking a Pokemon game like FireRed but also European hackers.

The storyline of this hack is completely different from the others. It is darker, has more violence and death. When playing, the Pokemon world is in its normal state like usual. That is just the outside appearance. And inside, nothing is stable. A horrible world which is dominated by violence and death is its true identity under the cover of darkness. What is causing all of these things? Oak and Bill suddenly found that a material God called NES is the main cause of these things. NES is staying inside a temple of its own region. It thinks that it is the creator of both NES World and Human World; human must be punished for not obeying a respectful God like it. Moreover, New mentally manipulates people into believing that they live in a peaceful world … but in reality anything but peaceful. Finally, you enter a fight against this NES with Bill – Oak – Oak’s assistants.


A difficult Nuzlocke Challenge.
All the sprites of Pokemon are creepily designed.
New script, new maps, new tile.
New characters.
New items, new abilities


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