Pokemon Scarlet Blaze (GBA Rom Hack)

Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.5

Pokemon Scarlet Blaze is one of the newest hacked ROM in the PokeCommunity in 2017. And the original ROM of this hack is Pokemon FireRed.

You are crimson / Scarlet (which is set regardless of the name that has chosen the name), played with the Son / Daughter of the RED or hero. The first aim to find more information about parents, avoiding rivals SKY (Blue’son) will travel to the Kanto region. Later it will be explored to show that you and your government inhabitants stronger, but less strong than red. A new team of Kanto and Johto and disappears Team Rocket is injured. The only rebel does not call a team, they are openly fighting the rebels and the government, as well as the rockets of the underground mafia. You will find that you begin your journey at the right time to experience the evolving hostility!


The graphics/tilesets/sprites… all of them come from Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
Also the Pokemon Sprites from the DS system.
Maps are changed.
More than 80% of the scripts are new.
All the trainers are stronger than ever.
Right from the beginning of the game, you get Running Shoes and National Dex.
New battle backgrounds, Pokemon centres, bag sprites, menu.
No more overworld’s poison effect.
The repel system from Black/White.
New evil team.
New title screen.
Some misspelt names are fixed.


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