Pokemon Shiny Jewel (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: SuperChespinX
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 2

Pokemon Shiny Jewel is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. Come from the same author with Pokemon Light Rising, Pokemon Shiny Jewel is a good hack like its brother. Actually, it is better than Light Rising.

And we will know the story of Dianice, a Pokemon which come to the Dezos region 100.000 years ago. It is also the creator of jewels such as diamonds and from time to time, people in this region become rich by selling these jewels. There is an evil organization called Team Gunk and they caught Dianice. They force it to create many diamonds for them. No one has heard about Dianice since the day it was caught. One day, Professor Oak found a rare diamond on the ground in his lab. After finding enough information about the origin of this diamond, he can make sure that this is from Dianice – the lost Pokemon. You are given a mission by Professor Oak: go out and find Dianice, bring it back to its place in Dezos region.


All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI.
You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon now.
New moves from Gen IV and V.
8 gym leaders.
New rivals, new maps, new tiles.
The Pokedex is reordered.
Run indoor.



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