Pokemon Shuckle (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: mariomaniac432
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo 1.2

Pokemon Shuckle is a FireRed hack. Some of you will ask: why does the author choose such a weak and useless Pokemon to be the main theme?

Well, Shuckle is his favourite Pokemon and there is a long story about this… if you want to know you can ask him for more details. And now we come to the story of this game.
This game takes place on Shuckle Island. It is located far from the rest of the Pokemon world, an isolated place. Why? Because the only Pokemon being on this island is Shuckle, yes, Shuckle only. They are not the same as each other. They evolve differently and adapted to many climates on Shuckle Island. The normal Shuckle doesn’t exist anymore. They all become many different species today. To protect them, no in and no out of Pokemon.
Professor Larch lives on the eastern peninsula of Shuckle Island, the Outset Town. He wants to know what are the causes of this strange evolve phenomena. He is trying to create the Shuckle Dex. You are his neighbour. One day, you and he found an egg on the shore. You will take care of that egg.


More than 50 different species of Shuckle to catch.
You can run indoors.
The TMs are reusable.
There will be the Berry System (in the nearest future).


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