Pokemon Skyline (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: destinedjagold
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.3

Pokemon Skyline is the fourth product of destinedjagold – the author of the three Ruby Destiny games. Well, this hack is not the fourth version of that series, please remember that.

In fact, it is a brand new one. The author has been doing everything by himself.
In this game, you will be a son/a daughter of Professor Birch of the Hoenn Region. You decided to go to the Kanto Region via riding a boat. Well, you didn’t do that because you were blown away by a weird and violent storm on that fateful night. You were attacked by a very large group of Water-type Pokemon. And when you woke up on a shore, you found an Eevee. It decided to come with you as you continue your trip to Kanto. After some events, you changed your way to the Crest Region instead. Along the way, you will meet many trainers who have the same dreams as yours. Friends or foes, you will have to fight them and prove yourself. Much later, you will encounter Team Aqua once again. can you stop their evil ambition?


A new region called Crest is waiting. It is located far east of the Kanto Region. It usually welcomes countless thunderstorms due to the mass ocean around.
You are the hero from Hoenn Region.
Your starter will be Eevee.
All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.
Team Aqua is back for more.

The National Dex will be much better than a normal Pokedex.
If you want to battle with wild trainers, you have to talk to them.
After receiving a new badge, you can re-battle every trainer who you have encountered before.
If you beat a gym leader of a town, there will be an NPC who reward you.
The weather system is available.
You will not be alone in this game. You have rivals.
The Chip-Battle mini-game is back once more.


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