Pokemon Space and Time (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: sSiddhant
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha

Pokemon Space and Time is a Pokemon FireRed Hack which takes the Time and Space as its main theme. There will be a new Legendary Pokemon which is as powerful as Arceus – The Original One of all Pokemon. There will be Seven Arcs in this game, each of them features a new story.

All people and Pokemon are living together peacefully in this world. One day, something suddenly happened. All the Pokemon Professors from all over the world gather in a big meeting. After investigating for a while, they found that an alliance called Takeover is the main cause of these disturbances. They have captured more than fifteen Legendary Pokemon by using the most powerful device named Master Ball. Our Professors cannot let this continue to happen. As a reason, you will be the chosen one who carries a mission: free all the Legendaries and save this world. To do that, you have to travel across three regions and three groups of islands on a journey. On your way, there will be many Gym leaders – Dojo leaders – Elite Four – Champions. By defeating them and earning badges, ribbons, trophies… you can open the gate to another dimension and wake Arceus up to stop his brother from destroying everything.


All the maps till Mt. Moon are redesigned.
Red and Green appear in this game.
Currently, there is one 1 Gym battle.
All trainers till Mt. Moon are modified.
In Pewter City, only one rival battle is possible.
Right at the beginning of this game, you can learn Dream Eater and get the Old Amber.


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