Pokemon Super Heart Red (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: VersekrDark
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha

Pokemon Super Heart Red is a Spanish hack of Pokemon FireRed in 2017. The world of Kanto Region appears in front of our eyes one more time.

Is it the same as yesterday or a completely different one? Who knows. We can only answer that by coming to this world again. And here is our favourite hero, Red the legendary Pokemon trainer! He is here, he will conquer the Kanto Region one more time by collecting the strongest Pokemon and use them to battle and fight anyone he wants. At first, he will need the help of Professor Oak – his most respectful man after his father. And his most powerful rival is no other than Green – the grandson of Oak. Red cannot know that Green will be the Champion he must beat later.


Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII.
Many kinds of new item.
Mega Evolution can be used by buying stone in Celadon Market.
New graphics, new textures, new backgrounds… all of them are in NDS style.
New TMs.
Increased the chance to encounter Shiny Pokemon.



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