Pokemon Super Rising Thunder (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Perri Lightfoot
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Alpha 2

Pokemon Super Rising Thunder is a Pokemon Ruby hack. The author takes the concept of “Super Rising Thunder” from the manga Pokemon Special, in which a certain Pokemon channels energy from another.

Moreover, this game has nothing to do with Pokemon Special at all.
This game is one of a kind, it is not the same as other Pokemon games. No gyms, no PokeMarts, no PokeCenters, no Pokeballs at all. So, how the hell can we play this game without these elements? Be more patient, pals. The world is just a ruin now, many roads are filled with weed and many cities lay in mouldering ruins. The people living in your village are spreading many passed down stories through many generations. These stories have a common: a series of devastating Flashes that had destroyed Eden. They came from nowhere, vaporized everything. You and your sister are living in this village. After a horrible tragedy, you have a strange dream: a great Lord who transforms you into a Pichu. He gives you a mission: vanquish the evil from the far frozen North for Eden to come back. Can you do this and be worth with those words Super Rising Thunder?


A traditional RPG styled game.
A new storyline which is dark and not suitable for children.
Many new map layouts.
There will be no trainers, no HMs or TMs (actually some HMs are naturally learned), just a few of man-made items.
The stats/movesets of Pokemon are adjusted to make this game have more balance.
The difficulty is greater than before.
New scripts, new palettes and tilesets, new soundtracks, new sprites.


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