Pokemon Axiom Version (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Dyskinesia
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Axiom Version is a hack of Pokemon Emerald.
If you want to make sure that one of Magoria’s assistants in the crisp-growing area supports your research on the resurgence of the fossil skeleton.

When she goes to one of the excavation sites and finds that the evil group is stealing the professor’s revived technology, has been modified so that it can be more powerful by mixing Pokemon! In the adventure to stop the Nexus team, you will explore the world, challenge the exercise leader, help strangers, will eventually become a champion of the tournament finale! Even after you have completed the tournament, it is just the beginning! To achieve discovery after becoming champion, there are many more than that!


The Drosera Region is a big open world.
A lot of sidequests.
The random encounter is now lesser than the original game.
The Pokedex is expanded.
HMs are removed.
Pokemon can be fused.
You can custom your characters.
The battle mechanics are updated.


Pokemon Axiom Version Download

Work in progress. Come back later.