Pokemon Daia (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Dyskinesia
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Leaf Green
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Daia : If you have known Pokemon Gaia from PokeCommunity, Pokemon Daia (a hack of Pokemon LeafGreen) is a weird hack which became a troll version of it.

I’m sure everyone here is acting Gaia. Hacking in 2015, did it become something good? Everything is there: Pokémon tones, incredible aesthetics, great game, great stories. What do not you like? Well, I’ll tell you what. The awesome flaw that Gaia has is that it makes the game inoperable. What is the defect? First name. Now, this hack corrects the name “Gaia” and allows you to hack without burning your eyes. To do this, I have changed every instance of the letter “G” to a much colder letter “D”. I did this by looking at all the scripts I could find and changing each letter individually. If Spherical Ice did it correctly first and named the Pokémon Daia hack, it is not necessary to modify the game on Monday night. When you change letters, the D key was next to the C key, so you may have entered it incorrectly, but do not worry. I have not really known how to change the title screen since the old ice used trap and moved things to my ROM. For this reason, I recommend that you open your ROM in the emulator and close your eyes and click the A button for the first 30 seconds.


More fun than the Gaia version.
Gameplay has been adjusted to a new level.



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