Pokemon Dardusk (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Bulbadon
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 0.1

Pokemon Dardusk: Are you a fan of horror film? You like to watch, listen, read the horror stories… don’t you? When combining with Pokemon, what do you expect? We have some names like Pokemon Creepy Black (a story about a haunted Pokemon catridge on Gameboy).

How about the modern ones? Here we have Pokemon Dardusk, a Pokemon FireRed hack.
This hack tells you the story of Silver. He is the son of Giovanni. They are living in a post-apocalyptic Pokemon world where “Zombies” are everywhere. Yup, true zombies. People and Pokemon are coming back from their death, they are wreaking havocs everywhere and haunting – scaring people like that. Of course you don’t know what is happening in your living place. You decide to set out for a journey to see who caused these troubles, who’ve summoned these zombies. Along your way, you will meet some new comrades with friends. Much later, you will face some bigger – darker opponents.


Physical/Special Split.
You can only play as Silver.
Mostly Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III will be available for capturing, but some Fakemon are also in this game.
You can run inside buildings.
Many new maps based on Kanto.
Zombies everywhere.
This game has many violence/adult/sexy themes, so it is not suitable for children and kids.
There are no gyms at all. Your badges appear randomly around the region.
Some new music.


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