Pokemon Flaming Grace (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: SpikeJolteon
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 0.6.5

Pokemon Flaming Grace: Reviving a nearly-dropped project a long time ago isn’t something so easy to do for everyone. With the high spirit of a true Pokemon fan, Pokemon Flaming Grace – a hack of Pokemon FireRed… was brought back to work.

You are a young trainer of the intense battle of the Indigo League Ash. Now you ride Bill, Gary and his boat to Orange Islands. There you will eat meat with old friends and new enemies. We will also collect the Orange League badges to try to reach Ash, and we will challenge ourselves to win the Orange League championship title. But before that, win Orange Crew. Orange Crew has 4 new members and must have all 8 badges.


Difficulty – The general dynamics of the game has been challenged The main aspect of the game is that all the Leaders, Elite 4 & Trainer have been edited! Many people will have Pokemon from Kanto, Johto & Hoenn.
New Rivals May – When you travel through games, as well as Gary, you will meet May many times in the Hoenn area.
Pokemon – All 386 Pokemon can get to some extent – this can mean by nature or simply using the event in the game. Most Pokémon are found in the roots, caves and the sea. – Refer to the “Pokémon Locations” document for all locations.
Evolutions – Any Evolution that required a transaction or some method that could not be obtained from the emulator has been changed. – See the “General Changes” document for more information.
Skill – At least 30 Pokémon have new elemental/intermediate skills that enhance their skills and strategies. – See the “General Changes” document for more information.
Statistics – More than 70 Pokémon have published statistics. This is to strengthen the difficulties when dealing with important NPCs. – See the “General Changes” document for more information.
Movepool & Attacks – More than 100 Pokemon have added mobile pools to write. Please refer to the “General Changes” document for more details.
Events – Any Pokémon you normally get through an event but you’re not in FRLG can talk to specific people in the game and get all Starters and Pokemon as Castform. For more information, see the article “Event Pokemon”.
Typing Changes – Some Pokémon have new or changed typing I think – check the “General Changes” document for more details.
New Coaches – You can see how many new coaches have been implemented in this area! – If you want a personal trainer, PM / VM myself, I will receive a request!
Documentation – Through the download, you can find four documents with patches, event pokemon, general changes, Kanto reader and Pokémon location. The name does not need an explanation, but will give you all the details you need to know about the changes in this hack!



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