Pokemon Full Moon (Fan Game)

Author: Esteban Suls & Christine Saw
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: RMXP
Language: English
Version: Beta 7.2.2

Pokemon Full Moon is another fan-made Pokemon game. Not just a Gameboy Advance or Nintendo DS hack like usual, it is a full game for PC which was made from RPG Maker XP.

Surely the experience from the PC platform will be much better and great than a hack.
In this game, players will follow and hear the story of a little girl who was abandoned by her own family. Her name is Luna. She has been living with her family in Apocillips Cave and her Arcanine. One day, after enduring so much many things… she left her home. Her parents didn’t care about this. And then, one trainer with her Pokemon has begun their first adventure in the big Everia region. After leaving family for a while, they met someone who would became their partner, their rival much much later. Yup, let’s see what will happen to our little Luna next.


This game has a great collection of soundtracks come from GlitchxCity on YouTube.
Most of the Pokemon’s sprites are from Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Rejuvenation.
Players can catch and have all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI.
Yay, Mega Evolution is here! Let’s power-up your Pokemon with this awesome evolving method.
A good and deep storyline will take a lot of your time to play.
There are 18 gyms in total.


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