Pokemon Gary’s Mod (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Teh Blazer
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 2.04

Pokemon Gary’s Mod is a hack for our arrogant Gary (Green). This hack will tell you another story about Gary, the untold one.

All of us have played many Pokemon games, including hacks and non-hacks. All of them are just about the protagonist like Red, Ash, bla bla bla… Just a small number of hacks are about other characters like Green, Blue. This version Gary’s Mod is one of those. Gary is an usung, unseen and invisible hero of the Pokemon world. He is one of the strongest opponents of Red. He lives in the shadow, he love himself so much that he is always arrogant with high pride. When realizing his beloved Kanto region is being involved into some unsual things, he immediately go out for searching about it.
From this point, you are the only Gary. Save the Kanto region by yourself.


The Kanto region is revamped and re-adjusted with some areas. You will have a much more challenging Kanto region.
With the patch from MrDollSteak – a legendary member of PokeCommunity, the author of this hack has added many improvements into it: new moves and abilities, new Fairy Type, Physical/Special Split, etc…
New methods for evolving.
Please notice that all Pokemon are not catchable.


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