Pokemon Magikarps Adventure (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: LegendaryMohawk
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Magikarp’s Adventure is a Pokemon Ruby hack. Its theme is Magikarp, the Pokemon that usually be known as the most useless.

One of the methods to get Pokemon in any game is to use the Rod and catch them from the water. Just stand near a source of water, use the Rod and wait for the text “A Pokemon is on the hook” on the screen. Booya, you get a Tentac… wait, it is a Magikarp! Yes, a red Magikarp with its stupid face is right in front of you. Eh, what will you do now? Catch it, defeat it to get EXP or ignore it? Well, it all depends on you.
In this game, Magikarp is the main theme. Through times and times, people keep hating it as the most useless Pokemon in the world. It is true, but just in “a single Magikarp” situation. It feels so sad, so boring so that it must do something to prove that it is not useless as people usually think. It can be more capable than people give it credit for. Well, can your Magikarp become a real Gyarados (an evolution of Magikarp which is a powerful Water Dragon) or just a weak one as usual?


Feel and experience the journey to becoming a Water Dragon of a weak Magikarp.
The gameplay, music, graphics, mechanics… all of them remain the same as Pokemon Ruby.



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