Pokemon Metal (Fan Game) (Completed)


Release Year:2014

Original Version: RPG Maker XP

Language: English

Version: Completed


Pokemon Metal is a fan-made game from RPG Maker XP. The author of this game first started developing the game in 2012, but it was never actually finished. In the early of 2014, he started doing it again. And now he completes it successfully.

You will come to a new region called Arala. Professor Oak has many businesses to do here, so he moves to the Moon City – your hometown. Then, he invites you to his lab. What do you think he will do after welcoming you? Nothing more than giving a Pokemon with a Pokedex. Of course, there will be a “Pokemon capturing” quest along with those two things.
This time, you won’t be bored because you have to face three different criminal organizations at the same time. Are they connected to each other? Are they working together or individually? Well, it seems that your Arala hometown will not be safe if you stand there and do nothing about this.


– Arala Region is huge, totally new.
– All Pokemon can be caught now.
– After becoming the Pokemon League, you will have a lot of events.
– Three rivals will compete with you in this journey.
– The Pokemon world is half-open.
– The quest system of this game will give you a feeling of World Of Warcraft.
– The evolution methods for evolving Pokemon have been changed.
– A lot of areas need to be explored.
– Offline Wonder Trade.
– Mega Evolution.
– Three legendary organizations have come together: Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma.