Pokemon New Ruby (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: pokerus
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon New Ruby Black Black: Some good old games have strong modifications by Pokemon lovers, some are not. They just have the slight improvements or advancements. And Pokemon New Ruby is a hack like that, it just have some more addition to its origin Pokemon Ruby.

Well, at least we should see its main storyline. Long long ago, there was a myth in the Hoenn Region: if one day Groudon woke up, that means there would be a devastating destruction and chaos in this world. And today, many unsual things are happening in Hoenn Region. People cannot explain why and they suddenly remember that myth. Back to you, our protagonist. You are a new comer who was just moved here with your family. When finish packing everything for your new home, you go out and help a Pokemon Professor from an attack of a wild Pokemon. And after receiving a Pokemons starter with a Pokedex, you have a battle against your rival. You will immdiately start your official Pokemon journey in a whole new area. Get more Pokemon, beat the Gym Leader to have all the badges and go straight to the Hoenn League and become the champion! Also, don’t forget about the myth by preventing the evil Team Magma from summoning Groudon – the ancient god of lands – again.


Some more Pokemon are added.
The maps are edited.


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