Pokemon Onyx Blue (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Zatarion
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Sapphire
Language: English
Version: Final Beta

Pokemon Onyx Blue is a Pokemon Sapphire hack. Although you can see and think that this hack is related to Onyx – the Rock-type Pokemon which is like a snake, it has nothing to do with Onyx. Just a simple name, that is it.

Nothing about the story was changed, truly. You are a trainer just moved to the Littleroot Town. After setting your on-wall clock, you come down to meet your mom. Both of you talk for a while, then you go out and meet Professor Birch. After receiving your first starter Pokemon, you officially start your Pokemon journey. In your journey, you will battle and meet many different people with two evil organizations: Team Magma and Team Aqua. These two teams are trying to wake up the ancient power of Groudon and Kyogre – two Legendaries of the land and the sea.


The game is complete now, which means there will be no bug – no freeze – no crash.
Your starter will be Mew – Celebi – Jirachi. Wow, really these three right from the beginning of the game? Yes, they are.
All Pokemon in this game are from Gen I to Gen III. You can have them right on the first route.
Many trainers and the Gym Leaders are edited to become more challenging than before.


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