Pokemon Red Chal (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Trev
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work in Progress

Pokemon RedChal : With Pokemon RedChal, a hack of Pokemon FireRed… you will enjoy a game which was made by a 6-years-experiences Pokemon game maker.

Ho! Tatenda clicking my hack! My Trevi, and I was Hacker-and-off for almost six years. This left Pokecommunity a few years and then return to a more active and wrote off the field when I left. This inspired a lot of wonderful work is done by various members of our community, I decided to create a remedy FireRed hack that I wanted to do many, many times before. Fortunately, a number of tools and research available has made the dream of becoming a fully realized as a result RedChal!
I wanted RedChal a little different than most hacks problem. Often the problem hacks go, how to collect as many Pokemon as they can fully update their current generation Stats, mobile devices, etc., and then only to add more Pokemon / all / etc is hard to teach. Yes, it can be fun, but it’s more fun than a fully customized! So, I decided that I would upgrade most boring Pokemon in this game for you to breathe some new life into them, and then vary up to teach a different feeling as a teacher and less like a cannon diet control group. In order to truly solve the problem of my own, I still dress themselves only in the original 151, and their generational developments Sevii Pokemon Island. I believe that through the special use Pokemon layout, I can build a variety of experiences across 386+ Pokemon unencumbered player available, offering a refined experience was fun and challenging.
I do not want to burden any game or something. Although electronic games are more exciting things, and we are able to follow the more I prefer the old-Christians the fish to digest the war makes Pokemon games so much fun. Nothing is not going against the teaching authority of your team and challenge, provoke war provides the convenience of victory. I hope that they can capture this hilarious hack my experience, and I hope you enjoy RedChal!


New moves, new typing and stats for all Pokemon.
Many different rival teams.
No stats below 20.
Some evolution forms from the later game.
220 Pokemon can be caught throughout the game.
Many enhancements.


Pokemon Red Chal Download

Work in progress. Come back later.