Pokemon Requiem (GBA Rom hack)

Author: Quilava’s Master
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Requiem is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.
Welcome to the world of Jinosu. This area is very lush, there are everywhere trees, water is as long as the eyes are visible.

This area was dominated by the indigenous Pokémon Lake District cerevisiae who left the area shortly after the missile team failed. Young [boy / girl], is 17 years old. You do not really participate in Pokémon training, but you have one. The rare Pokemon that you have discovered that other people were injured in the nearby forest. Your father is a researcher, your mother is cooking at home. When the new Pokemon is discovered, the budding tutor has gathered at the new Shino in the pack. In which your father’s lab has failed this is a bad thing. It was moved from Azaelea Town in a small village in a remote location, which is not your good idea, at that time is not suitable for business. Season service industry is slowing, because the new coach is not enough, your family has been tied to the financial. To make things worse, your home has been at the disposal. Recently, it seems that wild Pokemon are attacking people. Name: Pokemon, what is it that you have to attack their trainers? No one can understand it why, but it happened frequently. This continues to help scare her to train your Pokemon, but, in your father’s request, you are a trainer to join the Pokémon Grand Championship to be made within a year, Total prize money is $ 500,000. Enough to repay $ 200,000 to be paid to the bank. Since the league requires three Pokémon per athlete, it will be captured to train two Pokémon. When leaders exercise to go from town to town to test your strength, you will encounter a variety of strange characters. Quirky rival, arrogant Gym Leader – includes fake rivals, and strange men and women in black. Touch the world of Pokemon Requiem, please to discover hidden truths!


New region.
All 386 Pokemon are available.
Re-battle with wild trainers anytime.
New TMs and items.
Updated moves, sprites, classes


Pokemon Requiem Download

Work in progress. Come back later.