Pokemon Rocket Science (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: LocksmithArmy

Release Year: 2014

Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red

Language: English

Version: Completed 2.1

Pokemon Rocket Science: Yo, another FireRed about the legendary evil organization Team Rocket: Pokemon Rocket Science

This time, you will not be a Team Rocket Grunt anymore… you are a scientist who is working for this organization. Giovanni has given you a secret mission after being beaten by Red at the Silph Co: to create a super powered Pokemon (we all know that is Mewtwo). Through this game, you will travel all around the Kanto region to complete various missions from your boss. Usually, these missions are related to Red (in Team Rocket’s eye, he is a noise): go to Mt.Moon and recover the remaining fossil which is not taken by Red, infiltrate the S.S.Anne at sea and steal HM Cut there, gather Cubone skulls from Pokemon Tower… well, a variety of missions will take ton of your hours to play.


Play a Pokemon game from a Team Rocket scientist’s viewpoint.

Being a criminal is not too bad sometimes



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