Pokemon Star Red (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: #Vytron
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red


The story is about a teen called…well let’s call him Nate.He was living with his parents.
Important to know that Nate’s father was one of the few scientists who was working on a new
type of energy, the “dark light”.They made this energy with the power of Darkrai.One day Darkrai got
out of control and destroyed the whole lab and killed all the scientists…Nate’s father died as well.

No one really knew what happened.Because of this Nate started to look for clues in the destroyed lab.
There he found Darkrai himself.But well let’s say Darkrai was a bit violent at that point and he attacked Nate.Darkrai knocked out Nate but instead of killing him, the shadow creature teleported him to the Sen Region.(Region of the game)

-The story in the present-
Nate woke up in an unknown area.What you can’t even find on the regional town map.Anyway, when he woke up, he didn’t remember anything so he started to look for an exit from an unknown place.He managed to find a small town…After that, he bumps into She now and his evil organization, Team Void.Their plan is to use use the project…But for what….(You know I don’t want to spoil more so you can experience it by yourself 😀


Pokemon Black&White soundtrack (Even more tracks than what Demo 1 had)
Pokemon from Gen. 4-5 (with their cries)
Moves and Abilities from Gen. 4-5.
Fairy Type
PSS split
New tileset(s) (Even more in Demo 2)
64×64 trainer sprites
64×64 pokemon sprites
Evo.Stones and Items from Gen.4 (Dusk/Dawn/Shiny Stone/Razor Claw etc.)
IVs and coloured stats (depending on nature) are visible in the Pokemon Summary
TMs are reusable
Poison revival
Exp. After catching Pokemon.
New textbox&intro background
New HP Bar (I made it)


On Route 22 after a flashback, a YN box pops up (say no to it) [Not game crashing bug]
If you faint you’ll heal in the same pokemon centre


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