Pokemon Versione Spugnosa (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Francesco998
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Italian
Version: Beta

Pokemon Versione Spugnosa: You know who is Spongebob, do you? Yeah, he is a famous cartoon character of Nickelodeon. The full name is Spongebob Square Pants and itself is an animated television about Spongebob and his friends in the fictional underwater city Bikini Bottom.

They are funny characters which can bring a lot of laughable scenes for the audiences all over the world.
And there is one Pokemon fan who also loves Spongebob. He creates a Pokemon hack which Spongebob becomes the main character in his own adventure. And since the authors is an Italian, his hack is an Italian Pokemon Ruby hack also: Pokemon Versione Spugnosa (Pokemon Version Sponge).


Become Spongebob in his own Pokemon Adventure in the underwater city Bikini Bottom.
Only the protagonist’s sprites (both male and female) are replaced.


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