Pokemon Warped (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: andyp159
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3

Pokemon Warped: Have you ever played Pokemon Septo Conquest? If yes, you will be satisfied with Pokemon Warped – a brother of Pokemon Septo Conquest because these two games come from the same authors!

Their hacking skills are improved much more, so they decided to step it up a level.
This time, the story is also a unique one. You are a kid who has been living in Luneth Town of Amathus Region for a long time, all of your life with your grandparents. When you grow up to 12 years old, everything stays the same as usual. One day, in a catastrophic night… there are loud noises and thunderous lightning in the sky. The Amathus region was ripped apart, many cities and routes within it are no longer there. This happens because of the battle between the Four Lords (Earth – Wind – Water – Fire). You are given a mission: to restore this world to what it once was. On your way, there will be many continuous events, one after another.


A brand new and absolutely unique storyline.
A bunch of new characters.
Some old characters have returned from Pokemon Septo Conquest.
The Amafusio Region is very beautiful.
New sprites of our player.
There are no Gym Leaders at all. You have to fight against the Four Elemental Lords instead.
The Pokedex is re-ordered.
The evolutions of many Pokemon have been altered.


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