Pokemon Youtube (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: PokemonGreatBritain
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Youtube is a Pokemon FireRed hack. While containing the same maps and slightly altering the main storyline, this hack was created for honouring the famous YouTubers.

Basically, we still play this game as the role of our legendary Red The Trainer. He is living in his small Pallet Town. One day, he goes out to meet the famous Professor Oak of Johto Region. His talents in reseaching about the Pokemon world has been recognized a long time ago, even before the birthday of Red. After saving him from an attack of a wild Pokemon, Professor Oak takes Red back to his Pokemon lab. Right here, Red meets his first rival ever: Gary Oak (or we usually call him Blue). Gary is the niece of Professor Oak, he is also a talented trainer and a worthy opponent of Red. From that day, they officially enter a competition where they have to train their very best and get the title Pokemon Champion. Well, this title is not so easy to get since there are so many opponents around them, plus an evil organization Team Rocket which always brings bad things to this region and they have to solve them.


The names of Team Rocket Grunts, Gym Leaders and Elite Four have been changed after the famous YouTubers.
Many Pokemon from Gen IV – V – VI.
The difficulty was increased.
Maps are changed slightly.
Team Rocket has a new design.
The important trainers in this journey will have new scripts.
Day/Night system.
The overworld sprites are customized.


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