Pokemon Christmas (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: Mateo
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Final 2012

Pokemon Christmas is a remake of Pokemon Gold and much more than a simple graphics hack to add snow. It is a “Johto Legacy” game. The events in this hack happen in the winter of the same year as Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal so it assumes that all events of G/S/C took place that summer.

At the first looking, you can easily see that almost sceneries are covered by snow so it makes you feel the Christmas atmosphere. You can download the Final 2012 Version and the Final 2014 Version is coming soon.

Like we said above, your game plot is almost the same as Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal but all events will happen later than the original events and in the winter. You start your journey from New Bank Town in Johto. After finishing all quests in Johto, you can travel to Kanto and have the second journey to meet Red. Get ready to play the hack!

New Characters, Leaders and Rivals
New Locations
New Pokemon and Evolutions
New Moves and Items
Additional Prize Exchanges
Practice Battle Machines


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