Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Sloo
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Completed (04/17/2017)

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back is a hack made from Pokemon Ruby. As you can see, this hack will take Giratina as its main theme and mascot.

You are a 13 years old children and also the child of EDGE Corporation’s boss in Lunoh region. Long long ago, your father was not succeeded in becoming a Pokemon Master because of many different reasons. And now he wants you to be his successor, he want you to become a real Pokemon Trainer of this world. One morning, he calls you into his office. Then, he gives you your very first Pokemon Eevee with a Pokedex. Yo, let’s get out and have some fun!
On your way to become a Pokemon Master, you will encounter the evil Team Genesis. They are trying to get Giratina out of its Distortion World. Suddenly you remember what you father said: “When Giratina wake up, its power can be a disaster and domination for our world.” Of course, noneother than you – our very protagonist – will be the one who stop this evil ambition.


You can get Eevee as your starter.
Eevee can be evolved by using a Sun Stone and Moon Stone to become Espeon and Umbreon.
You can buy all evolution stones in Drallia Town (this is the location of the second gym also).
Many Pokemon can be evolved by Moon Stone.
The author has drawn 65 Fakemon and added them into this game. Be sure to check it.
There are 11 gyms in total.
You can run indoors.
Some new regions.
New titles.
A story with twists and turns.
The base power of Rock Smash is 60 now.