Pokemon Gold EX (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: BroRarity
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Gold EX : Sometimes, just from a close friend and we can create something big – something great. Pokemon Gold EX is a hack of Pokemon Gold and it was created like that, from a friend of the author.

This hack was often boring at home, but it started one day. Initially, it was planned that this piracy story would be mostly the same with the difficulties and other delicious food added here and there with Easter eggs or bonus content not found in traditional gbc games. I would like to thank Matteo, however, because I did not release the first patch for this game, so this game would not have been released. Needless to say, I owe him a lot for the help I received. Venusaur thought he could do it, but he can add it at any time. I need advice from Matthew. It’s just a GBC hacking beginner. I plan to add a screenshot of the game soon, but if someone plays and sends it to me, it will be too big. You will not be able to access one of the Kanto Starters in the first patch, but we plan to add it before you start working on the second patch or the third patch. Make available Johto or Kanto. It differs from other Gen 2 hacks and depends on what it means. Like Red Hat, Brown, Prism or any other hack, I’m not looking for a famous hack. I have fun doing this and seeing for myself what I can achieve. This is the first project. It means something that is not really special. He’s destined to be a novice hacker, and I’m always trying to get better. So if people do not do what they are looking for or give results, I will work harder to provide what they want. And if it does not work, it’s in them and I have nothing personal for them. That. Everyone has their say on Pokémon hacks / reskins. But if anyone wants some food like Venusaur with an earthquake and a mud pump. I feel happy to do it. But if you spend a lot of time talking about it with a huge collateral project that differentiates as your intention. Then the answer will probably be negative, unless you feel I should.

As everyone knows that Johōto is one of the easiest games in the main series, a new level curve
All 251 Pokémon can somehow be obtained from this game. Includes legends, entrances and fossils. Also exclusive in silver and crystal.
Revised rivals, Elite 4, Champion, Kanto, Red Coach and more.
Some Pokémon are modified in evolution and learned the whole.
Here is an Easter egg, one in the ruins of the Alps. (Herb Search)
A new place to explore. (Although not in the first patch)
Instructor Sprites Update and New Events


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