Pokemon Orb (GBC Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: hacker
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Completed 2012

Pokemon Orb: It is 2017 now, right. And the Pokemon spirit inside all of us is still available. It seems that this spirit is going to expand more and more today, tomorrow and in the farther future.

And now we are going to play a new hack of 2017: Pokemon Orb.
This game is a remake, a hacked version of the famous Pokemon Gold. Ash is the name of a boy who lived in Pallet Town in 1999 and he wanted to be a Pokemon Master at that time. Of course with all of his strength and mind… Ash was successful. After that, in the year of 2000… we had a new Champion of the New Bark Town: a boy called Ace. In comparison with Ash, Ace was a worthy opponent. They had many fierce battles with each other. Will this story end here?
Not yet, because you – our player – is the next Pokemon Champion. You are Graven, a boy who lived in Treehome Town of Fornes Region. This new region is located to the west of Kanto. A new evil organization called Vice Team has taken the whole Fornes Region and they made this place become their new headquarter. You have to save your hometown, your own place.

New starters for your character. Instead of 1 starter like usual, now you have 2.
New regions, new maps.
Pokemon come from Shinnoh are available.
Some new Fakemon.
You don’t have to use the bicycle. Instead, NRG-500 is your vehicle.
All the Gym Leaders are new and adjusted.
Many new events are waiting.
Some new moves.
No trading evolution.
New Elite Four and Champion.
You can catch 251 Pokemon.
And much much more…



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