Pokemon Shooting Star (Fan Game)

Author: Ramond Hikari
Release Year:
Made With: RPGXP
Language: English
Version: Demo



This is a game made by me with the help of the Pokemon Essentials Kit. The Author started developing Pokemon Shooting Star a pretty long time ago, and he decided to wait until a particular progress is made. So here it is, the game he am proud of, hope you all enjoy and support.


… An invisible war…
Occured in the deep space, the war that can never be ended between the Light and the Dark. It once had the saying that the war could never be ended, as it is not known when it started… And the fact is the saying was right… The war had shaken the root of space itself, and no life could be sustained… if the collision between Light and Dark kept going on…
Except for an egg…
Born in the unknown, a mysterious egg kept floating in space, didn’t know where to stop… when to hatch… or what to do… Until it reached the Dark – Light war… And being shocked by massive shock waves created from the fight, it suddenly cracked… and the history of the world will change forever… when a creature emerged from the egg, threw out a thousand arms, and spread its gigantic power… to banish both Dark and Light to the unknown, forming a hollow shadow, known as the Void.
That incredible creature is Arceus – God – the Creator – the one who shaped everything that exist… created the world, the better world, with creatures we know as Pokemon… And itself is the very first one.
The main question remains: Will the Void return? No, it can’t and it won’t… But something has changed, something has drifted the whole aspect of Arceus… something has called back Shadow, not from the Void, but from the inner light inside Arceus…
… What’s more… A Shadow that is concealed by the giant shade of the Creator…
…The thing that drifted the whole world…
… Is human’s greed…
Will the world ever be the same…?
Well, we have to step into the world of Ionah, and wish…
~ …Upon a shooting star… ~

The Plot

Step inside Ionah – the world of uncovered mysteries!

The game let you assume the role of a young boy or a young girl. It is the day when a professor finally comes to Alpha Town, in order to give the Pokemon to trainers who own strong will, and dreams of discovering the mystery land of Ionah.
‘The incident’ hasn’t changed Ionah much… until the day you own your very first Pokemon, and ready to embark on a new adventure, but nah, don’t let that ‘small thing’ stand in your way of becoming the greatest trainer of all time!
Your dream is to discover the land of Ionah, to step on where people haven’t, to solve great puzzles, and of course, challenging trainers and have a great time with your dear Pokemon!
Are you ready for your journey of a lifetime?
Will you have enough courage to face the fearsome obstacles ahead?
Will you take the chance and stand up against the great Creator?
Will you heed the call of destiny?


– Pokemon-Following system – A system similar to HGSS.
– Item-Combining system – Combine your unwanted items into one if you input a correct combination!
– Mystery Shop – Rare items are sold at a particular time!
– Quests – Take on sidequests and complete to earn rewards!
– PokeNest – A whole new way to get rare Pokemon!
– Pokemon – Featuring 151 Pokemon from Ionah Region!
– [WIP] Free-Flying Mode – Get ready to take off and enjoy a trip in the sky!


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