Pokemon Stone Dragon (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Ricardo and LucarioBR
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: Portuguese/English
Version: ?

Pokemon Stone Dragon is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. The Dragon is one of the strongest and most wanted types of all Pokemon players. Based on this, another Pokemon hacker has created a game which will tell us about the Dragon theme.

Long long ago, there were three legendary dragons which are the protectors of this world. They usually use their powers to bring the peace and prosperity for a human. One day, they face a dangerous threat and they use all of their power to battle. After that, no one has seen them again. Time flies by. These modern days, a human is building and creating many different things. They focus on educating people about the Pokemon world. You, a young trainer of a famous family… are a good Pokemon trainer. One day, while you are sleeping… you suddenly see the Legendary Dragon Trinity which you usually heard about them when you were a child. When you wake up, you tell Professor Albert about this. He is one of the best Pokemon experts in the world and also your neighbour. Professor Albert has given you a new Pokemon. From now on, you officially start your Pokemon journey and search for those dragons. If you had them, you could have a wish


Many new maps for exploring.
The graphics is updated.
All Pokemon from the Gen V and Gen VI.
You can also Mega Evolve your Pokemon in this game.