Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 3 (New)

Pokemon Clay's Calamity 3 (New)

Pokemon Clay's Calamity 3 (New)

Author: frabulator
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: v3.9.1


Ten years have passed sense an unnamed hero stormed Kanto and defeated the strongest Pokemon Master in the Indigo League, Clay. The battle lasted several days, resulting in the destruction of a city and the reduction of Pokemon gym. Without the minimum requirement of eight official gyms Kanto was knocked out of the Pokemon League Verified Regions.

One decade has passed and Kanto has now been re-entered into the League. Gym Leaders have been re-evaluated and trainers have been raising their skills. Try your hand at this new take on an old generation of Pokemon; the conclusion of the open-world, Fire Red trilogy, Clay’s Calamity III.

What this game offers

This game, like the previous two, is an open world Pokemon patch of Fire Red. The available Pokemon have been greatly expanded upon and an attempt has been made to make every Pokemon (within the first three generations) available.

All blocked passages, rival battle scripts, cuttable trees, locked doors and trainer blockers have been removed, making this a completely open world experience from the opening screen. Travel from city to city on boats, by foot or by hidden warp pads.

This game, keeping with the aspect of the first two, has Pokemon locations based upon folk-lore, type regions, environmental factors (like moon stones) and level diversity.

Hidden passages litter the region and secret trainers wait to be found. Continue the journey and follow this story to the epic conclusion!


Open world Pokemon Fire Red (duh…)
Mew is now usable
Deoxus is now usable
Trainers updated (more Mons, higher levels). Levels max at 36 before victory road for multi-mon trainers. Exceptions are gym trainers.
Special / Physical move split
Fighting Dojo is an official Gym
Flying Dojo added
Gym Leaders have a party of 6
Gym Leaders levels increased
Some gyms have layout updates
ALL Pokemon are obtainable
Islands are optional (person blocking elite four has been removed)
Montres back in Victory Road
Updated NPC trading offers
Hidden legendaries
Level curve updated
Trainer AI difficulty increased
Warp tiles for easy fast travel
Some (not many) text dialogs have changed to give hints about ‘special’ changes
Magikarp merchant now sells Milotic
Safari Zone now has no cost and are regular wild encounters
Shop items have been updated (Elixers, Ethers, Moon Stones, Sun Stones, Master Balls, Rare Candys, Left Overs, Etc.)


Pokemon Clay's Calamity 3 (New)


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