Pokemon Fat Kid

Pokemon Fat Kid

Author : Le Pug

Release Year : 2018

Original Version : Emerald

Language : English

Version : Beta 1.0.5


You know him. He’s the guy who was always there for you in the starter region to assure you one thing: technology is awesome. He’s been to Hoenn. He’s been to Johto. But now he is setting out for the Cheeto region.

The Cheeto region is full of wonderful and new technology. It is also home to Bill, the one and only PC inventor. It also has one of the best donut shop chains in all the lands. Everything sounds great while heading in but once he arrives, something terrible happens: the Professor’s lab is blown up.

He inspects the rubble and finds only the Professor barely alive. As the Professor takes his last breath, the Professor gives him a Pokeball. Inside is Porygon 5.0, the latest release. Together, Porygon and him must travel across Cheeto region to stop Team Hippy from completing their ultimate goal: destroying all technology. Can he do it? One way to find out. Follow him across the Cheeto region and see the events unravel. He has many obstacles in his way, but with his awesome technology, donuts and Pokemon by his side, he should be able to succeed. He is Fat Kid.


No Professor intro
New trainer sprites
New evil team – Team Hippy
Porygon as starter + six interchangeable Porygon evolutions
New tiles
Custom music
New Pokemon cries
Donuts and apple pies
Tasteful humor
New Pokemon type: Tech Type
HMs replaced with items (i.e. grappling hook, water tube, shears, lock picks, etc.)
The Fat Kid can run now
Scooter instead of a bike


Pokemon Fat Kid


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