Pokemon Kanlara Adventures

Pokemon Kanlara Adventures

Author: Sakakii
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: v1.0

Kanlara is the region where you were born. You spawn here, and you meet up with your childhood friend and rival. You are informed that the Professor wants to see the both of you.

At the Lab, Professor Woke lets you know that apparently, Kanlara is under attack by a group known as Team Rocket. You receive your first Pokemon, and together you and your rival set out on your adventure.

Your goal is to become the best trainer you can, but also to put a wrench in Team Rocket’s plans and make sure they’re put in their place.

Later, it becomes apparent that Team Rocket is gaining too much power, and the entire fate of Kanlara will rest on your shoulder as you embark on your path towards the final battle, that will decide it all…


  • A variety of Pokemon from Gen 1-7
  • Exciting new plot
  • Original maps
  • Game scales up to level 100
  • Moves from Gen 4/5 (e.g. Scald, X-Scissor)
  • New TM list


Pokemon Kanlara Adventures


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