Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake

Author: destinedjagold
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta 1 (Till the 1st Gym)

The day has finally come for you and your neighbor to get your very first Pokemon and to start your very own adventures in the not-so-peaceful region of Gento, with the dream of becoming the region’s champion!

As you journey through the region, you’ll meet friends and foes, catch and train Pokemon, win and lose battles, and try your very best not to get too involved with the two rivalling groups: Royal Darkness and Luminous Cenaries. Sheesh… Who came up with those names?

But a growing darkness looms over the horizon. A darkness that threatens the very region, or even the entire world. And it may already be too late to stop it…or is it?


  • Explore Gento once again
  • Some Gen 4 Pokemon
  • Updated National Pokedex list
  • Updated learnsets/movesets
  • Moves up to Gen 6
  • Fairy-type and Aria-type


  • Pokedex entries are wrong
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Region Map is not yet updated
  • Game’s introduction not yet updated


Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends Remake

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