Pokemon Hyper Emerald Z Destroy Former

Author: Satochu, Popy, wwwww, Desvol and his team
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: 2.96 patch 1


1.Google Translate
2. Most animal sites reset
3 skills to the latest generation changes, including plasma lightning boxing (no animation)
4. Add more skill animation, to the sixth generation, the seventh generation of skill animation has not make up
5. Walking map to expand the boundaries of breakthrough, the new animal walking map, animal is no longer a stone!
6. Add two weeks – research alliance, adjust the champion of the past two weeks, the purpose of the Union
7. Added Silver Mountain – Challenge Red! Through the parallel space-time in a very researching hole, you can reach the legendary “…” trainer in Baiyinshan – Redness! The purpose of the two-pass clearance will be refreshed once Red!

8.GMM Added Battle With Red!
9. Partially broken BGM repair
10. Walking map repair, no longer flash screen
11. New time frame (optimization)
12.Start interface add a similar dark logo backpack pattern
13. The new blob frame beautification
14. walking map reflection repair
There are a variety of unfinished things, but at least 807 capture, so the first release, the rest will continue to update, it is estimated that the Lantern Festival will release a new version
15. Mega Evolution in Battle
16. Z-Move in Battle
17. The beautification of the backpack interface
18. skill animation is completed
19. the transparent box optimization
20. Explore the area Add Tips
21. PSS System
22. Day Night System
23. New Battle Background
24. World Championship
25. map optimization
26. 100 kinds of TM, skills updated to the latest generation (some skill animations – not finished yet)
27. hatching system:

egg moves repair
aromatherapy eggs to normalize
ban Maternal inheritance
28. Evolutionary correction:

A, Ye Yibu, Ibrahimovic’s evolution is consistent with ORAS
B, the evolution of the rock dog is consistent with USUM
C, the Arora form can only evolve successfully in the town of Lishui
D, the puzzle elements! Under the special conditions, all 20 kinds of color butterflies can be obtained through evolution. Remember to try to evolve your pink butterfly anytime, anywhere!
more and more

Q: The elves that needed to evolve in the Alola region in the original work evolved into Alola form.
A: Evolution in Surabaya.

Q: Where is the Mega bracelet?
A: I often go home to see, especially after playing the father and son.

Q: Where to take the Z bracelet.
A: Under the shade of the left side of the rocket launch center building in Green Ridge City.

Translated by Pokemoner.com – MrTien Duc

English Patch 1 translated:
over 800 Pokemon Name
Item Name
Moves Name
Storyline upto Route 119

This Game is completed with emerald’s story and expand map, more feature!!



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