Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Author:  Dryano
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Platinum
Language: English 
Version: Completed

Pokémon Renegade Platinum, an enhancement hack for Platinum, and is complete!

Modified Items
The following items now have a “Use” option like evolutionary stones:
– Deep Sea Scale
– Deep Sea Tooth
– Dragon Scale
– Dubious Disc
– Electirizer
– King’s Rock
– Magmarizer
– Metal Coat
– Protector
– Reaper Cloth
– Up-Grade

The following items have had adjustments to their costs:
– Poké Ball ($200 >> $50)
– Great Ball ($600 >> $150)
– Ultra Ball ($1200 >> $300)

The following items now cost zero and are thus unsellable:
– All TMs

Modified TMs
The following TMs have had their moves changed (compatibility matches Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon plus extras as listed in Pokémon Changes):
– TM55: Brine >> Scald
– TM57: Charge Beam >> Wild Charge
– TM62: Silver Wind >> Bug Buzz
– TM83: Natural Gift >> Hyper Voice
– TM85: Dream Eater >> Dazzling Gleam
– TM88: Pluck >> Hurricane

Additionally, all TMs will now have a quantity of 99 when obtained.
– No TMs are available within Poké Marts.
– An NPC at the Pokémon League can reset your inventory to have 99 of all TMs.

Move Changes
– The numbers of all moves (power, accuracy, PP, effect chance, priority) are updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– Curse is now a Ghost-type move as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– Charm, Moonlight and Sweet Kiss are now Fairy-type as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Pokémon Changes
– The Fairy-type has been added to the game, replacing the almost unused ???-type.
– All Pokémon have had their base stats updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– All Pokémon have had their types updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– All Pokémon have had their wild held item updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (with some exceptions).
– Wingull, Pelipper and Torkoal have gained their new abilities from Gen VII.

Trainer Pokémon
– Trainer rosters in every area has been modified. They are all listed below with species and levels.
– Important trainers have their entire roster listed including species, levels, items, moves and natures and more and more

Wild Pokémon
– The Wild Pokémon in each area have been modified.
– The levels listed for an area are the minimum and maximum levels that you may encounter in that area.
– Please note that many Pokémon can only be encountered at one specific level. Only some have the range.
– Fishing rod encounters have fixed levels. The Old Rod is Lv. 10, the Good Rod is Lv. 25 and the Super Rod is Lv. 50.
– The Old Rod and Good Rod are obtainable from the same places as before. The Super Rod is obtainable in Snowpoint City.
– Honey trees now respond with an encounter straight away after applying Honey.
– Please note that the shiny rate for Pokémon is 1/512 unless you chose to use the normal rate patch.

-Classic version of Renegade Platinum. Use this if you would rather leave the base stats and types of Pokémon untouched.
-Complete version of Renegade Platinum. Use this if you want to play with all changes including those to Pokémon base stats and types.

-The “Normal Shiny” patch has the normal 1/8192 shiny rate.
-The “Boosted Shiny” patch has a boosted 1/512 shiny rate.

Release Date: 22nd December, 2018.

Saves from v1.0.0 are fully compatible with this version.

– Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite now learn Aqua Jet by level.
– Heracross can now learn Bullet Seed by TM.
– Beldum, Metang and Metagross now have a catch rate of 45, up from 3.
– Added an Evolution Changes document.

Documentation Fixes:
– Fixed a bad description of Scald’s new effect in the Move Changes document.
– Added unlisted gift Pokémon to the Special Events guide.
– Added unlisted NPCs to the NPC Changes guide.
– Fixed Mars’ Purugly incorrectly listing Covet in its moveset in the Trainer Pokémon document.
– Added a note about minimal Egg Cycles in the Pokémon Changes document.
– Fixed Munchlax incorrectly being listed as a wild Pokémon in Route 203.
– Fixed Lasses Sarah and Samantha having each other’s Pokémon listed in the Trainer

Game Fixes:
– Fixed Cubone not showing up in the wild on Route 203 outside of the morning.
– Fixed incorrect encounters on Route 228 in the day and night.
– Fixed Pachirisu’s new stats not adding up to the expected total (+5 to Sp. Atk base).
– Fixed Scald being incorrectly coded as a contact move.
– Fixed an NPC stating there were Rock Smash rocks in Ravaged Path on Route 204.
– Fixed an overlap of NPC and item on Route 209.
– Fixed an issue where you could jump over a ledge on top of a youngster on Route 203.
– Fixed a bunch of incorrect level up moves, including Wood Hammer Glaceon. Big thanks to @BurnSombreroBrn for helping track those down.
– Fixed a bug where Dawn would incorrectly use Lucas’ dialogue on Route 202.
– Fixed a bug where you were able to dismount your bike on Route 206 and potentially get stuck.
– Fixed a bug where you could walk through the Galactic grunt blockade on Route 205.
– Fixed a bug where Traynee, the trainer NPC, would only let you fight Lv. 35 Chansey after beating Crasher Wake instead of Maylene.
– Fixed dialogue referring to the Pokétch being available via coupons.
– Fixed dialogue referring to Secret Potion and Black Glasses as one word.
– Fixed dialogue where there was a typo in Cheryl’s text in Eterna Forest.

Known Issues:
– Fairy-types are incorrectly listed as Ghost-types in the Pokédex.
– If you faint early in the game and reappear in your house, you stand on top of the Poké Ball on the cushion.
– A Psychic in Eterna Forest talks about their Meditite when they don’t have one.
– The game will send out a glitch as your second Pokémon when entering scripted double battles with only one Pokémon in your party.
– Some trainers in the game (notably Dawn/Lucas) give you $0 upon victory.
– Some trainers in the game have no dialogue after being defeated.

Check more Documentations for This game at: https://pastebin.com/wC9N0bDk