Pokemon Blue Legend

Author: ~Criisss
Last Updated On: 2019
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta 1.1

For a long time, power in the Hoenn region was disputed by the Aqua team and the Magma team. This struggle led to a chaotic imbalance that kept the region paralyzed. Your mission in the region began, from the moment you received your first pokémon with Professor Birch, your idea was to win the Hoenn league and be the best coach in the world, but the circumstances changed as you crossed the path of the Aqua team and Magma. Steven, champion of the Hoenn league, determined to stop them, guides your way as a coach and person. The fury of Groudon and Kyogre is uncontrollable, the evil of the Aqua team and the magma team caused disasters in the weather, floods and storms on the east side, waves of heat on the west side, all that remained was to ask for Rayquaza’s help …

Thanks to Rayquaza, the legend is repeated, the struggle between the titans ceases and peace returns to the region. After a hard workout you manage to beat Steven, and you are the first head coach of Villa Raíz to enter the Hall of Fame.

At the same time, in the Kanto region, a trainer with great skills called Ash Ketchum, starts his journey through the regions of Kanto and Johto. After a long time traveling, Ash wins in the leagues of these regions. But the path that Ash was walking through was full of dangers. Giovanni, Team Leader Rocket, planned for years to manipulate the legendary pokemones to gain control of power around the world. Failure after failure of Team Rocket led to the despair of Giovanni, so many times defeated by Ash and his team. This led to the complete dissolution of what was left of Team Rocket. There was no trace of his actions and peace seemed to have returned to Kanto …

Two years later, Professor Samuel Oak, a great Pokémon researcher from the Kanto region, meets Professor Birch, both decide to collaborate in the investigations of a pokemon dating from the Orange Islands, a pokemon, that could plunge the world into the most deep waters if it were to be controlled by undue hands.

The investigations take us to Kanto, here we meet Professor Oak and Ash, who shows great interest in your coaching skills, so you decide to participate in the Kanto League and demonstrate the great power of the Hoenn coaches, but during the trip You discover overwhelming things. Team Rocket had returned, at least a portion of it, but with the darkest ideals that no one could imagine. The Fate of the earth depends on Ash and you again, but this time, the facts can be given in an unexpected way …


  • Travel through the regions of Kanto and Johto.
  • Play as May or Brendan.
  • Maps completely renovated, with custom graphics.
  • New events and adventures to live.
  • Familiar characters, and to know, friends and rivals …
  • System of Day and Smart Night.
  • New and renewed minisprites.
  • Fourth generation, present (Maybe until seventh).
  • New and renewed music!
  • And much more!


Pokemon Blue Legend