Pokemon Nameless

Author: Wind1158
Release Date: 2019
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Demo 1

This hack is the prequel to Pokemon Mega Power and the sequel to Pokemon Resolute. In this game, you play as Chronya, the young hero of the Cyenn Region.


12 years ago, Altena, the general of Valo Empire was forced to leave her country with her daughter Chronya. The only thing Chronya knew was that she had a father who lived in Cyenn Region. One day, she and her mother decided to ask for her father’s help. However, on the way, they were attacked by Dark Workers who were employed by the Valo Emperor. The emperor wanted to get rid of Altena forever. Altena had fallen into the Dark Workers’ trap. Chronya having no choice, jumped into the ocean. Luckily, she was saved by a young agent by the name of Gavin. To help protect Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the beginning of Chronya’s journey…

New region
Harder gameplay
99% decapitalized
Custom Pokedex including 4th-7th Generation Pokemon
Clean DS-styled sprites
Updated mechanics (BW Repel System, Poison Survival, etc.)
Updated moves and abilities
Minor changes to tilesets